First Look at 24 Hubert Wines, Rom Toulon’s New Tribeca Shop

Toulon's in the store, giving advice (and maybe drinking). Photo: Meliisa Hom

Rom Toulon went from being the wine director at the Michelin three-stared restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley to the managing partner of a 2,500-square-foot wine store in downtown New York. It's a big career change, but Toulon says it's something he's had in mind for a while. "When you're a sommelier, you always think of owning your own little store with the wines that you believe in and love the most," he says. For Toulon, that means a focus on Californian wines: "After twelve years there, I believe in those wines as much as I believe in French wines. But I'm French, so there will always be a selection of European wines." Toulon estimates that the average bottle at 24 Hubert Wines costs $30, and more than 100 entry-level bottles are under $25. It's important to Toulon that his shop is approachable, which is why he's offering classes, seminars, tastings, and Skype calls with winemakers around the world. Check out the shop, straight ahead.

24 Hubert

Happiness.Photo: Melissa Hom

24 Hubert

You can rent this kitchen for private events, with table seating for twenty.Photo: Melissa Hom

24 Hubert

The flat-screen is used for Skyping.Photo: Melissa Hom

24 Hubert Wines, 24 Hubert Street, 212-810-2899