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Magic Shows at Andaz; Baking Class at City Grit

• Two Andaz hotels are bringing in some magic this summer. Stop by the Fifth Avenue (July 27 to 30) or Wall Street (August 1 to 4) locations for a magic show and a complimentary drink. [Grub Street]

• Lisa Donovan, pastry chef at Husk Nashville, is teaching a class on Southern baking basics on Saturday, July 27 at City Grit. $75 covers the three-hour class and all supplies. She's also be cooking dinner at City Grit on the 28th. [Grub Street]

• There's another crab boil at Ditch Plains on the Upper West Side tonight, with corn on the cob, hushpuppies, and more. [Grub Street]

GMO-Labeling Activists Want Chobani to Stop Calling Its Yogurt ‘Natural’

Ben & Jerry's has pledged to stop using dairy products produced by cows that have been fed GMO corn and alfalfa by the end of 2014, and now an advocacy group has escalated its campaign, asking Chobani Greek yogurt to do the same. "Chobani has an opportunity to be a leader amongst meat and dairy companies by listening to its customers and ensuring its cows are given non-GMO food," GMO Inside director Elizabeth O'Connell tells AdAge. The Greek yogurt industry is booming, of course, and Chobani, which is now under heavy anti-GMO fire on its Facebook page and alone processes 3 million pounds of milk every day (and uses 900,000 gallons of water), isn't likely going to be able to expunge GMO animal feed from its supply chain anytime soon. "We are in the infancy of exploring how we as a company, together with our suppliers, will navigate this important issue. We have never made claims that our products are GMO-free," the yogurt-maker said in a statement. [AdAge, Related]

Pok Pok Ny Will Move Into New, Larger Space

The new space has more leg room.Photo: Jonathan Nesteruk

Andy Ricker confirms to the New York Times that he will close the current Pok Pok Ny at 127 Columbia Street and relocate to larger digs nearby at 117 Columbia Street, a move that will allow him to increase seating capacity and expand the output of his kitchen. The new space at the corner of Columbia and Kane Streets, which also has a lovely patio, was last home to the regional Italian restaurant Chió, which closed last month, and is directly across the street from where the Portland chef will open a branch of his Whiskey Soda Lounge in the upcoming weeks. The chef says the old Pok Pok space will be converted into a special event space and home base for catering operations in the fall. [NYT, Earlier]

Taste-Tester Survives Encounter With Subway’s Frito-Stuffed Spicy Chicken Enchilada Melt

Central Floridians and Seattle people, you're in luck.

Writer Shirley Qiu spends some quality time with her local sandwich artist in order to try the latest "rare breed" fast-food gimmick, the Spicy Chicken Enchilada Melt, which consists of a chicken sandwich carpeted with melted cheese, seasoned with something called "Chipotle Southwest Sauce," and of course paved with a layer of Fritos poured straight from the snack-size bag. Either out of clever marketing concerns or out of fear of unleashing Frito-enchilada terror upon the rest of the U.S., Subway is right now only testing the limited-edition menu item in Seattle and central Florida. Verdict? Unexpectedly, only one napkin is required to contend with the "saucy enchilada goodness" contributing to a not-so-bad experience. "If finding this sandwich not remotely as bad as I expected constitutes approval," Qiu writes, "then count me in." [Seattle Met]

Tomorrow, You Can Request an Ice-Cream Truck Via Uber

Can this be a regular thing?

Uber's offering another one-day-only promotion, and this one's a bit cheaper than a $3,000 helicopter ride to the Hamptons. In 33 cities, you can request an ice-cream truck to come to your door (or office, bar, romantic partner's residence … the possibilities are endless). The actual ice cream varies by city, but the New York ones will serve Van Leeuwen and Mister Softee. It costs around $25 for five people, and you can find all the details here. Thank you, Uber, for indulging Grub's laziness.

Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Ippudo’s As Popular As Ever; Luksus Opens to the Public

Photo: iStockphoto

Many restaurantgoers in New York tend to crave two things: food and buzz. Whether it's a new restaurant or an older, established place that has been thrust back into the dining public's collective consciousness, certain spots just have a strange, magnetic pull that draws customers in. And who does it best changes on a weekly basis — hence, the Grub Street Power Rankings, here to tell you exactly where to eat this week.

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Reality-Show Winner Sues Food Network for Holding Back Fro-Yo Franchise Prize

Kris Herrera, who appeared on something called Giving You the Business, filed a lawsuit against the Food Network in New York State Supreme Court in Queens on Tuesday, claiming producers didn't actually give him the business they said they promised, the AP reports. The prize in question was a 16 Handles frozen-yogurt location, but Herrera claims that all he got after the show wrapped in May was some stock in the fro-yo's parent company and that he's received nothing to suggest he's really getting a fully functioning store — not even sprinkles. [AP]

Less Is More

"Negative space is my muse. The stuff that ain’t there. The stuff that does not exist, the stuff that makes all the other stuff, like, totally, way cooler. As the amazing Chris Bianco, of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, once said: 'The greatest ingredient in cooking is restraint.' The dude speaks the truth." — Brooks Headley, Del Posto's James Beard Award–winning pastry chef, believes that desserts need to be "simple, in the absolute best possible way." [Food & Wine]

News Station Sought Out Zimmerman Verdict Reactions at Chicken and Waffles Spot

For whatever misguided reason, someone from Arizona broadcast affiliate ABC15 thought it might be a great idea to visit Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles ("one of the only soul food restaurants in Phoenix," its website notes) on Saturday and ask customers to comment on George Zimmerman being found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The tactic appalled several viewers and journalists, one of whom openly questioned the decision on Twitter. "Perhaps the lighting at the local basketball court wasn't conducive to filming television interviews that night," the Phoenix New Times notes. Just about the worst thing ever, straight ahead.

By the time I get to Arizona. »

And Now: 18 Amazing Vintage Books About Meat

Uh, women do, too.

Yesterday, Grub Street revealed that Pat LaFrieda Jr. — meat royalty in New York; Manhattan's Duke of Dry-Aging — will release a book next year. But there's no title yet, as Amazon's sales page merely lists the book as Untitled Cookbook Memoir. But we've got good news, Pat. Paul Lukas (you may know him as the man behind Uni Watch, but he's also a longtime food writer) has been collecting vintage meat books for a very long time, and he shared some of the best with Grub. Yes, they can serve as inspiration for any and all aspiring meat-book writers, but mostly they're just hilariously awesome and antiquated. Take it away, Paul.

"Each booklet must have the word meat in the title ... " »

Free Kelvin Natural Slush May Prevent Brain Melting

The kind people from Kelvin Natural Slush Co. are handing out samples of their refreshing, semi-frozen product for free today until 2 p.m. outside the Whole Foods Market on Houston Street, which is a very nice thing to do in the middle of a heat wave. [Kelvin Natural Slush/Twitter]

A Cronut Enters the Rain Room

This is what dreams are made of.Photo: Twitter/Dominique Ansel

A mere mortal would have to camp out and endure half a day in line to eat a cronut in MoMA's Rain Room, but this hand belongs to Dominique Ansel. Inventing the cronut basically makes you God. At least in New York. [DominiqueAnsel/Twitter]

World’s Most Famous Chef Has Tough Time Getting Into Nobu

"Ferran who? I don't know who that is." —A reservationist at Nobu, apparently, the last time the elBulli legend came to town. Don't worry, it all worked out. [Roads and Kingdoms, Earlier]

Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef Receive Emmy Nods

Who ever thought he'd be in the same category as Ryan Seacrest?

The 2013 Emmy nominations went public this morning, and Anthony Bourdain is nominated for Outstanding Reality Show Host for his work on The Taste. (So the answer to "Does the Taste Have an Anthony Bourdain Problem?" is no.) Bourdain's No Reservations won in 2009 and 2011 for Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming, but now he's up against Dancing With the Stars! And Ryan Seacrest! Top Chef also received a nomination for Outstanding Realty Show Competition, an award that the show won in 2010. As always, The Amazing Race is the show to beat in that category. [Vulture]

The End Is Near for PKNY

While bar proprietor Richard Boccato works on opening a "more classic, mid-20th-century representation of a tiki bar," his three-year-old LES bar PKNY (formerly known as Painkiller) will close "sometime between now and July 31," the Lo-Down reports. “There isn’t much to say, really,” Boccato tells the blog. ”The landlord has decided not to renew our lease, and the Community Board has decided that they do not want us to open a new bar at a new location in the East Village." He's currently planning to bring the scorpion bowls and navy grog to a new space in Brooklyn or Queens. [Lo-Down, Earlier]

More Details on Saul’s Move to the Brooklyn Museum

A work of art.

The Brooklyn Paper talked to officials about what to expect when chef and restaurateur Saul Bolton reopens his iconic Smith Street restaurant inside the Brooklyn Museum later this fall. Saul 2.0 will have 80 seats and open alongside the museum's café, where it'll serve lunch and dinner Wednesdays through Sundays, with brunch hours on the weekends. The relocated bistro is a collaboration between the chef and food service operator Restaurant Associates. Bolton says he's still unsure what he'll do with the old Smith Street space. [BP, Earlier]

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