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Krescendo Launches ‘Spirit Hour’; Il Buco’s Bread Collaboration With La Colombe

Krescendo launches a daily "Spirit Hour" this Monday, July 8. Guests can sample three varieties of a chosen liquor, along with a Margherita pizza and a specialty cocktail, for $25. The first week will feature three styles of gin and a gin cocktail infused with green tea. [Grub Street]

• Oslo Coffee, which burnt down in January and re-opened in May, paved the way for a new shop in Bushwick called Strangeways. It's run by former Oslo manager Eddie Cedeno. [Bedford + Bowery]

• Starting this weekend, Il Buco Alimentari will begin to offer a special bread of the month. The first loaf will be an organic sourdough made with La Colombe espresso. [Grub Street]

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She’s Certainly the Voice of ... Something

"I may be a white woman, but I could no longer tolerate her abuse of power as a business owner, nor her condonation of Mr. Hier’s despicable behavior on a day-to-day basis. I am what I am, and I am a human being that cares about discrimination in the workplace. In part, in this circumstance, I have to be a voice for those who are too afraid to use theirs." —Lisa Jackson, who's suing Paula Deen, told Today that her "lawsuit has never been about the N-word." [Today]

Maison Kayser Opening Flatiron Location July 17

After some construction delays, the second New York outpost of French baker Eric Kayser's combination patisserie and boulangerie will open at 921 Broadway on July 17. In addition to racks of those stellar baguettes, the 64-seat café will boast more prepared food options, a juice bar, and a full-fledged coffee bar. Customers will also get a full view of bakers in the production kitchen, which is where the bread served at Le Bernardin is made. New York's first Maison Kayser opened last August on the Upper East Side. [Earlier, Related, Related]

April Bloomfield Joins San Francisco’s Female Chefs for Special Dinner

Oakes and Bloomfield.

Although Anthony Bourdain argues that special designation for female chefs isn't necessary, it's no reason to avoid celebrating talented women in the industry. With this in mind, food blog Inside Scoop SF is organizing a philanthropic meal to spotlight female talent, which will be held at Nancy Oakes, Pamela Mazzola, and Dana Youlkin's Prospect on July 28 (tickets here). Six other women are gathering to prepare courses, and they've invited April Bloomfield, who's working to open Tosca in San Francisco. Plus: The sommelier and dessert panels are composed of all women, too — making this a particularly impressive and inclusive endeavor. [Earlier, Earlier, Inside SF Gate]

Bill Hader Is the New Mr. Peanut

Shell game.Photo: Courtesy of Planters

The former SNL star is taking over for Robert Downey Jr., who's been on the job as the voice of Mr. Peanut for the last three years. And while Hader probably won't be channeling Stefon in his new role as Planters' official spokes-peanut, he will be touting the energy-boosting properties of the company's new mix here, reports USA Today. Those looking to hear Hader in his new role might want to give the motivational hotline a ring at 888-684-7312. [USAT, Earlier]

California Immigration Official Traded Egg Rolls for Citizenship

A 47-year-old Santa Ana–based immigration officer named Mai Nhu Nguyen was arrested last month for accepting a $2,200 bribe in exchange for citizenship. Nguyen, who had the power to approve or deny green card and citizenship requests, was also charged with two other instances of bribery that allegedly took place in 2011, including one in which she accepted 200 egg rolls from an immigrant who was seeking citizenship. The official FBI press release does not make note of whether the egg rolls were pork- or shrimp-stuffed, and also whether or not dipping sauce was part of the arrangement. [NBC Los Angeles via Foodbeast]

Watch Chicago Chefs Prepare Meals With Drills and Hair Dryers

Knives and spoons are to be expected in every restaurant kitchen, but Crain's rounds up an assortment of power tools and other small appliances in use at five Chicago restaurants. Rick Gresh at David Burke Primehouse uses a hole saw to drill off the ends of corn and makes cobs easier to hold, while Thomas Elliott Bowman of Baume & Brix uses a dual-sided horse-hair brush to scale fish. ("I haven't found a fish that it hasn't worked on yet," he says.) Meanwhile, Brian Wright of Bakersfield uses a paper shredder to slice tortillas, and Sean Sanders of Browntrout uses a hair dryer to tweak the hot spots on his wood-burning grill. Check it out, straight ahead — you may even get some ideas on how to hack your way through your Fourth of July barbecue.

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14 Terrifyingly Awesome New State-Fair Foods for 2013

Deep-fried meatloaf, made classy with a wine glaze.Photo: Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Even as more stringent precincts call for healthier food across the country, America's state fairs remain a safe haven for freak-flag corn dogs, funnel cakes, and self-expression through creative deep-frying. Here's how we know that tradition isn't going anywhere: The Minnesota State Fair — which claims to have the largest daily attendance of any state fair in the country — just announced the new foods that will be available in 2013, and they do not disappoint. The fair itself doesn't kick off until next month, but in the spirit of the Fourth of July, now seems like the right time for Grub to share a preview of this amazing celebration of indulgence.

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Momofuku’s Round Table Returns July 16

The brain trust at Momofuku has teamed up with food + tech connect for another installment of its 56th Street Round Table at Má Pêche. Last year's series featured zines, Chinatown, and more; the talk on July 16 will cover the brave new world of food media in the age of e-commerce. Food + tech's Danielle Gould, Bon Appétit managing editor Stacey Rivera, angel investor Joanne Wilson, and Food52's Amanda Hesser — who has just announced the launch of an online provisions marketplace — will speak on the topic of the day. Tickets are $15, which includes cocktails. [Momofuku Long Play, Earlier, Related]

Patriotism: Where to Eat and Drink in New York on the Fourth of July

This spread at the Cleveland only costs $25 per person.Photo: Courtesy of the Cleveland

It's not always terrible if you can't get out of this city this Fourth of July: Plenty of restaurants will throw festive parties with fried chicken, suckling pig, live music, and tons of unlimited booze. While all of your friends are schlepping to the Hamptons, you can enjoy extended happy hours and all-you-can-eat hickory-smoked pork ribs. Plus: After the Fourth, you can try to get into all of those booked-up restaurants since the city is sure to be pretty vacant. Here are 25 standout places offering patriotic specials, because if a holiday is centered on hot dogs and pie, you need to be celebrating.

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Sticky’s Finger Joint Waitress Says Owner Fed Her Magic Mushrooms

"I was expecting chicken."Photo: Courtesy of Sticky's; Alan Rockefeller/Mushroom Observer/Wikimedia

If you recall, the people who run Sticky's Finger Joint are notoriously awful: They once physically threatened a food blogger because they were "stoned, cold, and having fun on Twitter." Now former Sticky's waitress Sofie Rasmussen is claiming that co-owner Paul Abrahamian tricked her into eating 'shrooms. Late last year, Abrahamian allegedly led her into the kitchen and had her shut her eyes in front of the whole staff for a taste test. He put food in her mouth, and then his hand over her lips. "I was expecting chicken," she told the Post. "It didn't taste great. I was so confused. I was like, what the fuck is this? … I was tripping, and I had one or two hours left on my shift." She quit soon after and has just filed a lawsuit. Sticky's is maintaining, of course, that her claim is false. Meanwhile, the restaurant's Twitter feed currently includes posts like "Everyone deserves to get fingered," "Eat our fingers," and, oddly, a retweet of Jonathan Benno's Hillel the Elder quote. [Earlier, NYP]

Helen Mirren Playing French Chef in Oprah-Produced Hundred-Foot Journey

The esteemed English actress will be joined by 90210 actor Manish Dayal in the Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey-produced film version of Richard C. Morais's novel The Hundred-Foot Journey, reports Variety. The story follows a young Indian cook, who, with his family, settles down in a small French town where Mirren's character plays a meanie Michelin-starred chef. (A "culinary battle ensues," the site reports.) A lot of kitchen-set movies are suddenly in the works: Jon Favreau has been pulling shifts with Roy Choi for his upcoming movie called Chef, and Bradley Cooper, who's under Gordon Ramsay's wing for a different film with the same name, is said to be working on his knife skills. Who'll teach Mirren her way around the pass? Our money is on Anne-Sophie Pic of Maison Pic. The Hundred-Foot Journey will be released on August 8, 2014. [Variety, Earlier]

Quinn Attacks Happy Meals, Applebee’s Grilled Cheese

Less butter, more broccoli.

She may have celebrated the defeat of Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban by brandishing a Big Gulp on national TV, but mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is angling to curb the way chains like Applebees's and Outback Steakhouse market their kids' meals. "If you’re gonna send that message to parents that this meal is good for a child, we’re going to make sure that we actually know it’s good for a child," she said, citing a sodium- and fat-laden grilled-cheese meal at Applebee's as an example of a spuriously healthy choice. Quinn, who says she prefers crudité without the Ranch, says she wouldn't attempt to ban any kids' meals, but would put pressure on chains to sell meals "in line with the standards the USDA sets for school lunches," Politicker reports. Basically, this means more green grapes and steamed carrots all around. [Daily Intelligencer, Related, Related]

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