Andrew Zimmern Hates on a Restaurant That’s Most Likely Sushi Yasuda

Not a happy customer.
Not a happy customer. Photo: David Crotty/

Zimmern finds it “douche-y” to whine about bad meals but has written a rant about “one of the best sushi bars in America” in the East 40s that has a no-tip policy. It seems obvious that he’s referring to Sushi Yasuda — although Zimmern never calls out the restaurant by name. Upon arriving, the host had no account of Zimmern’s reservation, and the staff “couldn’t have cared less that a customer was standing in front of them.” The group’s food came at different times, and 45 minutes after arriving, the server demanded the table’s final order … even though the kitchen wasn’t closing and the restaurant was empty. But Zimmern still left a 25 percent tip, explaining, “If management treats its guests the way we were treated, I can’t imagine how they treat their staff.” He hopes his story teaches restaurants the importance of hospitality, as “treating the guest like a guest is something desperately missing from our dining world these days.” [Earlier, MSP Mag]