Watch This Drone Deliver Rice Burgers to Sushi-Shop Customers in London


U.K. chain Yo! Sushi is upgrading its lowly conveyor belt California-roll delivery system with an elaborate, remote-controlled mini-helicopter drop-off format they’ve dubbed the “iTray,” the Telegraph reports. Not to be outdone by the taco cannon, burrito drone, or the pizza-copter, Yo! Sushi’s proprietary new system, which is being tested at a London branch, involves WiFi, two HD cameras, remote tablet guidance, and a fair amount of nori. The traditional experience of allowing the customer to choose his or her own meal has been replaced by one where an employee stands an awkward distance away from the customer’s table and maneuvers the copter with an iPad until the tray is hovering sort of level with the customer’s tabletop. Right now, the whole thing only takes like, say, seven or eight times longer than it used to. “When I ordered the burger,” says some guy. “I didn’t imagine it was ever going to come flying across into my face on a tray.” A heaping portion of your dystopian restaurant future, straight ahead.

Sushi restaurant launches flying ‘iTray’ waiter service
[Telegraph UK]