Watch This Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Make Sure She Gets a Free Coolatta


The woman who narrates this epic and sad eight-minute-long video says she and her friends ordered food and drinks at this Dunkin’ Donuts and weren’t given a receipt, so she returns the next day and tells the patient cashier that she was promised a free meal. While she waits for her Strawberry Coolatta and croissant with crispy bacon, she starts telling another customer about how she’s going to Mars and how upset she is because she’s recommended this particular Dunkin’ Donuts to friends at least 100 times. The verbal abuse continues, and by the time you get to the big reveal — our narrator is so confident the fast-food restaurant’s employees are going to spit in or do something worse to her food, so she plans on giving it to her boyfriend anyhow — you’ll likely be relieved nothing violent happened during the making of this film. You’ll also be hoping that this bigoted Strawberry Coolatta fan has gotten professional help, or at least some sense of restitution from her microwaved breakfast sandwich.

Worst Person Ever Gives Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Hell Over Missing Receipt