Times-Picayune Rehires Brett Anderson As Restaurant Critic

We can't show you his face.

Just a year ago, the Times-Picayune fired Brett Anderson, its James Beard Award–winning food critic. Top brass at the newspaper changed their minds after several dozen food writers and chefs freaked out, but by the time they'd gotten around to offering Anderson his job back, the man was already looking at Harvard, where he accepted a one-year Nieman Fellowship. That's over soon, and now the Times-Picayune is happy to announce Anderson is once again Big Easy bound. He'll start in September and tells the paper, “I love eating in New Orleans. I love writing about living and eating in New Orleans, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do so for a living, working alongside people I know, like and respect." Bring on the boudin. [Times-Picayune, Earlier]