Taco Bell Calling Its New Menu ‘Power Protein’ for Good Reason

Tacos without borders.

The fast-food chain that fooled the world into thinking it had reinvented the taco by giving shells a Doritos-flavored spray tan is now readying its next trick. Taco Bell hopes to snag serial carb-avoiders, lady Paleos, and other customers with its forthcoming "Power Protein" menu, which begins testing next month in Ohio. "Protein" essentially just means more of the same Taco Bell meat, but Bloomberg reports the social media mining company Infegy found that the M-word is more likely to be associated with negative connotations in online discussions, while "protein" is more often than not linked to words like healthy and delicious. The result? "Some 91 percent of conversations about the 'Power Protein' menu have been positive." That, and the chain benefits from the appearance of being innovative. [Bloomberg, Earlier, Related]