Mile End and Annisa Alumni Launch Kickstarter for Shalom Japan

The house-made chickpea tofu.
The house-made chickpea tofu. Photo: Courtesy of Shalom Japan

There are plenty of restaurateurs fund-raising on Kickstarter these days, but this team’s stacked with talent: Chef-owner Aaron Israel was the opening sous-chef at Torrisi and later worked as the chef at Mile End. His partner, Sawako Okochi, spent six years working under Anita Lo at Annisa and five years as the chef at the Good Fork. Together, they’re raising money to open Shalom Japan, a restaurant serving “authentically inauthentic Jewish and Japanese food” in South Williamsburg. If lamb ribs, chickpea tofu, and matzo-ball ramen sound good to you, show them some love. [Kickstarter]