A Box of Saltines Almost Ruined Questlove’s Life

Quest and Tyler Florence, who probably hates Saltines.
Quest and Tyler Florence, who probably hates Saltines. Photo: Tyler Florence

The Roots drummer, restaurateur, and all-around polymath tells The Hollywood Reporter the insane story about how he was rehearsing at Radio City Music Hall for a Jay-Z show one day when he heard about the Saltine challenge, which led to a nice $135 windfall but also a vermin infestation after he left some opened boxes along with his luggage inside his Philly home. The sudden appearance of rats set off a weeklong chain reaction of crazy events that involved Quest selling his house, the application of a Sesame Street Band-Aid, and a botched blind date at a tony New York basement restaurant where he ends up flipping his table over and spilling salsa on his neighbors. The restaurant sounds a bit like La Esquina, and the moral seems to be that no one ever really wins the Saltine challenge. [THR, Earlier, Related]