Food Companies Tricking Customers by Making Processed Products Look More Natural and Wholesome

Be afraid.
Be afraid. Photo: The Impulsive Buy

Most people know that a McMuffin’s perfectly rounded egg has little relation to anything found in nature. Same goes for Kraft’s identically shaped oval turkey slices — and the square burger patties at Wendy’s. This is why companies are now intentionally making their products look less perfect and more rustic and wholesome: Kraft hired researchers to study the way people cut their meat so that its products appear “home-cooked,” and Domino’s workers received instruction to make pies look a bit sloppy. Customers are smart enough to know that processed food is bad for them, but companies hope that a “natural” appearance will trick them into thinking something’s actually healthy. But, if anything, now the food’s ugly on both the inside and the outside. [AP]