That $600 Million Powerball Winner Maybe Bought 180 People Lunch

Thanks, lady.
Thanks, lady. Photo: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Powerball winner Gloria C. MacKenzie may or may not have just picked up the tab for 180 diners Sunday afternoon at a Southern-style buffet in Plant City, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Three guests, including an older woman, capped their meal off by offering to pay for everyone else in the BuddyFreddy’s dining room. The bill totaled $2,600 after tax, and each server even got a $50 bonus, apparently. “Everybody got up and applauded and started hugging her,” says Stephanie Reaves, the restaurant’s manager. “In my 35 years in the restaurant industry, I’ve never seen anything like it.” After brandishing the cash, the woman reportedly claimed she wasn’t MacKenzie, the winner of the largest single jackpot in U.S. history. Then she and her companions disappeared down Interstate 4 in what eyewitnesses are describing as a enormous new hovercraft covered with solid platinum plates and pink faux-fur trim. [Tampa Bay Times]