Philly’s Health Department Teaches Chinese Restaurants How to Cut the Salt

No more extra packets for you.
No more extra packets for you. Photo: iStockphoto

The city’s Department of Health has been visiting the kitchens at about 200 Chinese takeout restaurants and gently encouraging cooks to hold back on the soy sauce. The initiative’s purpose is also to connect proprietors with vendors who sell a variety of low-sodium products, NPR reports, with the eventual goal of reducing the health of the community and incidence of heart disease within lower-income populations. Of course, the chair of a CDC-convened committee that released the groundbreaking report that determined low-low-sodium diets don’t really help anyone just so happens to work at UPenn. The local authorities have read that study, too; they’re just pretty sure you don’t need four soy-sauce packets per egg roll. [The Salt/NPR, Earlier]