Paula Deen Reps Sending ‘Letters of Support’ to the Press

Lots of people still love you, Paula Deen.

What do a chicken producer, a firm that designs food labels, and the makers of "Grandma's Egg Salad" have in common? They all support Paula Deen, especially after her defiant turn on Today this morning with Matt Lauer. Other companies may be dropping the celebrity chef and entrepreneur right and left, but several small companies from around the country are sending in letters of ardent support — we know this because Deen's representatives have been e-mailing them to us. A few of the best, straight ahead.

1) "We are saddened she is being judged by her past," a Philadelphia-based graphic-design firm says.


2) "We feel that Paula was able to show the world a little taste of her heart," says an Arkansas-based marketing company.


3) Of course: "Count Epicurean Butter as a partner that supports Paula Deen."


4) A word of advice from a gluten-free food manufacturer: "Don't fear the media, people or anyone else for that matter but fear God and live according to what He wants."


5) "Actions speak louder than words."


6) A novelty lollipop manufacturer is assuring: "Your interview this morning reaffirms who you are and what you really believe."


7) While a producer of soups and dip sticks to the facts: "Paula is a very caring person who has spent the majority of her life helping the less privileged and giving back."


8) Finally, the makers of Paula Deen–branded chickens chime in: "We truly believe her when she says she is sorry for any hurt feeling she has caused."


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