Who’s Dumping Paula Deen Now? Home Depot and Novo Nordisk [Update: And Target]

Aren't we almost out of companies at this point? Photo: NBC NewsWire/Getty Images

Just how toxic is the Paula Deen brand name? Very, it seems. Following Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Caesars Entertainment, and Walmart, both Home Depot and Novo Nordisk — the company that makes Paula-endorsed diabetes medicine — have said that they, too, will stop doing business with Deen for the time being.

NBC News confirmed the Home Depot news late yesterday following the Walmart announcement.

As for Novo Nordisk, the Times' Julia Moskin first tweeted the statement this morning:

The Novo Nordisk deal is especially bad, since it caused such a stir when it was announced last year — and the company stuck with her even as the public's opinion of the deal (and Deen) plummeted.

It's bad. But, hey, at least Tasty Blend Foods and a company called Epicurean Butter are sticking with Deen.

Update: Add Target to the list, too.

Wal-Mart, Home Depot end relationships with Paula Deen [NBC News]

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