Paula Deen–Branded Butter Sounds Absolutely Delicious

Finally. Photo: Paula Deen Foods

Celebrated food hero Paula Deen lends her serene visage and name to a new line of flavored “butter” tubs that you’ll definitely want to seek out at Wal-Mart. There’s a garlic-infused Southern grilling butter, a refreshing-sounding lemon-dill butter, and sweet citrus-zest butter. Rounding out the line is garden-herb butter — whatever that means — and european-style butter, which in this case is just another way of saying butter that doesn’t have any of those other things mixed in. Eater, as usual, has a great précis on why the garish television personality’s latest round of marketing is full of crap, just like the product itself, which is pumped up with canola oil, modified food starch, and lots of other things that shouldn’t be there. [Eater, Earlier]