And Now, 7 Amazing Outtakes From Paul Feig’s Diet Photo Shoot

We're not even counting this one. Photo: Melissa Hom

As noted in this space before, Grub Street tries not to make a habit of posting outtakes from our Diet photo shoots. But when a subject is such a good sport, it's a shame not to share at least some of the photos with the public. Such is the case this week with Paul Feig, who arrived at Keens ready to give us his best — and to fulfill photographer Melissa Hom's long-standing wish to get a subject up on a table.


"Oh, hey. Nice to see you — just standing here smoking a pipe in front of an awesome tiger painting."Photo: Melissa Hom


The "Come at me, bro."Photo: Melissa Hom


A little too ... Austin Powers.Photo: Melissa Hom


"The Lean."Photo: Melissa Hom


The "Banana Peel."Photo: Melissa Hom


Almost there ... Photo: Melissa Hom


Nailed it.Photo: Melissa Hom

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