New York Politicians Put a Stop to Olive Oil ‘Tax’

<em>Like</em> a virgin.
Like a virgin. Photo: Amazon

Do you want to pay less money for “extra-virgin” olive oil that’s actually filled with fake crap, or more for the real deal? A provision in the federal farm bill called to instate new safety inspection rules that would fund thorough taste- and chemical-testing of olive oil. But that meant driving up prices, and since about half of the country’s imported olive oil comes through New York, costs could have reached tens of millions of dollars. Representative Michael Grimm, a Republican from Staten Island, is responsible for rallying legislators to prevent the proposal. He eloquently explained his rationale to the Post: “Italians and Greeks, we know our olive oil. I’m thinking like TSA-type guys dunking bread at the border and saying, ‘That tastes pretty good, let’s let that go.’ Are you kidding me?” That’s definitely not how the testing would have worked, but it does sound like a sweet TSA job. [Earlier, NYP]