Nigella Lawson’s Husband Met With Police After Public Choking Incident

Lawson, earlier this year in Chicago.
Lawson, earlier this year in Chicago. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Charles Saatchi reportedly “accepted a caution for assault” by police at a central London station yesterday after a series of disturbing photographs depicting the 70-year-old multimillionaire art collector choking and pushing wife Nigella Lawson was printed in the Sunday People. A number of photos depict the British celebrity chef and cookbook writer visibly upset and even in tears, but Saatchi has tried to downplay the incident, saying the spread gives a “more drastic and violent impression” than what actually happened last week when he repeatedly put his hands around her neck at a Mayfair restaurant during an argument in partial view of the public. “There was no grip,” he said in a statement released yesterday. “It was a playful tiff.” [Guardian UK, Earlier, Related]