National Parks Working on Healthier, Tastier Food

Now with gazpacho!
Now with gazpacho! Photo: David McNew/Newsmakers

Taking cues from FLOTUS’s healthy-school-foods program, the National Park Service announced that you’ll start to find local, sustainable food while you happen to be admiring all of that greenery. One fan of the move: Alice Waters, who says she once had her own epiphany about NPS food potential when she was walking through a park and found herself in a purslane patch: “Waters fell to her knees, picked bunches of the edible leaf vegetable, washed them and whipped up a purslane salad.” Parkgoers who aren’t into impromptu salads can expect things like strawberry-rhubarb gazpacho, bison tenderloin, and summer fruit spritzers. But don’t worry: Hot dogs and burgers will still be available to appease “critics of ‘food police.’” [WaPo]