Sydney Coffee Shop Lets Customers Pay for Coffee With Kisses

Like Seven Minutes in Heaven, but more caffeinated and embarrassing.
Like Seven Minutes in Heaven, but more caffeinated and embarrassing.Photo: Courtesy Metro St James/Facebook

Oh, this totally makes sense: The Frenchified, three-month-old Metro St James café in Sydney is running a special, June-only promotion that allows customers who are couples to pay for their coffee with kisses. (All couples, by the way, are eligible.) What at first seems ooh la la becomes less than saccharine when you read the fine print — the promotion is only valid between 9 and 11 a.m. during the month of June — but then gets downright strange when you see how the discount plays out, hidden-camera-style. “We’ll watch you,” the waiter says. “It has to be a real kiss, I can see if it’s a fake kiss.” So, romantic or creepy? You be the judge, straight ahead.

Pay With a Kiss [YouTube via Reddit]
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