Mario Batali Explains His Bold Sense of Style

Stoner Chic.

Earlier this week, Mario Batali announced plans for a new, Italian-inspired burger restaurant called B&B; Burger and Beer in Las Vegas, and now, in an interview with Inc., the chef-entrepreneur takes a quick look at his career highlights and milestones. He laments the closing of Bistro du Vent in 2006 and weighs in on the value of Marco Pierre White’s physical abuse as an iffy motivator for young cooks. Finally, Batali explains how his legendary signature "power outfit" of vests, shorts, and clogs works wonders in his immediate social circle. "My style is modified Seattle stoner with brand new Crocs," he says. "I’m a big fan of the Croc look and the way it shames my friends in the fashion world." [Inc., Earlier]