Koi at the Trump Soho Hotel Suing Insurance Company Over Sandy Claim

So worth it.
So worth it. Photo: Courtesy of Koi.

The operators of the Trump Soho location of Koi are suing their insurance carrier for breach of contract because the company refused to pay a Hurricane Sandy-related claim, Crain’s reports. Storm surge caused a substation explosion on the East Side, you may remember, which left most of lower Manhattan without power for about ten days last fall, but the restaurant’s insurance carrier said that floods aren’t covered by the business-interruption policy that was in place. Koi lost around $160,000 and is suing for $180,000, or roughly the cost of a few dozen sauternes-poached foie gras sushi rolls with caviar and truffles and some swanky bubbly on the side. [Crain’s, Earlier, Related]