Wolfgang Puck Trains Jon Favreau on the Sauté Station


The summer of Jon Favreau infiltrating professional restaurant kitchens to learn how to cook fancy food continues. Last night, The Hollywood Reporter notes, the actor and director got some pan-seared salmon lessons from Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel-Air during a $190 per person, seven-course tasting menu dinner. (Roy Choi and David Chang also contributed courses.) Favreau has also been gleaning skills from the Kogi chef-owner in preparation for his role in the upcoming Chef, which will also star Robert Downey Jr., Sofia Vergara, and Scarlett Johansson. From the sound of it, the actor's time on the line is paying off, and apparently his spot prawns are pretty spot-on.

Jon Favreau Cooks Undercover at the Hotel Bel-Air [THR]

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