Jared From Subway Has Made $15 Million in Fifteen Years

"But you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out that life is just a game of inches." Photo: The Jared Foundation

Eating fast food while getting paid millions to lose weight is pretty much the American dream. Jared Fogle is responsible for about one half of Subway’s growth over the past fifteen years, and the company rewards him generously for keeping off the pounds: He’s a multimillionaire — and he’s got a special Subway "black card" that entitles him to all the free mediocre sandwiches he wants. Jared tells the Daily News that falling asleep at the wheel first urged him to diet, and he found a Subway attached to his off-campus apartment building. After his college newspaper wrote about his rapid weight loss, Subway booked him for a commercial. Though the average Subway sandwich purchase is even higher in calories than a meal bought at McDonald’s, Jared claims he still eats a turkey sub at least twice a week. But, then again, he’s definitely contractually obligated to say that. [NYDN, NYDN]