Watch These Brooklyn Guys Time-Travel to an 1860s-Era New York Saloon


The Black Rabbit is normally the epitome of what drinkers consider a kind of neo-speakeasy, right down to its saloon-style swinging doors and the old-fashioned button-activated lights customers use to summon servers. That in mind, it’s not altogether too strange the Greenpoint bar is used here as the template for Improv Everywhere’s latest stunt, a collaboration with the makers of BBC America’s Copper, where the clock is turned back 70 more years to 1860s New York. Watch the video below, in which a guest is surprised to find himself wanted for bank robbery. When all is said and done, you’ll probably at least be a little thankful that he wasn’t shot for not paying for his oysters.

The 1860s Bar [Improv Everywhere]