Heston Blumenthal Once Again Says He’d Like to Open in New York

Big Apple bound, maybe.
Big Apple bound, maybe. Photo: Getty Images

Food Arts sits down with the English chef Heston Blumenthal to chat about his unorthodox approach to menu planning, which sometimes includes the following tactics: hitting up a vast database of volatile flavor compounds to find affinities between different foods that normally aren’t served together; sourcing recipes from centuries-old texts; and, of course, hiring a scriptwriter to consult on menus. (The chef says rearranging various courses ends up telling a radically different story that “can have different types of effects.”) On the rumors of a forthcoming New York branch of Dinner by Heston, which is currently No. 7 on the U.K.’s Restaurant Magazine’s World’s 50 Best list, the chef reiterates he’s still working on it, but there’s still no official confirmation. “It’s one of the great food capitals of the world, and there’s such a food and eating culture there now,” he says. “For me, it would be the next place, if I could.” [Food Arts, Earlier, Related]