Gordon Ramsay Hit With Hefty Class-Action Lawsuit at Fat Cow

He says the Fat Cow has changed.
He says the Fat Cow has changed. Photo: Getty

Current and former front-of-house employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the British chef’s restaurant at the Grove in Los Angeles last week. Fat Cow workers say they were subject to tip-skimming, allege they were denied overtime, and also claim they were made to work through designated break periods. Though Ramsay is no stranger to a broad spectrum of legal action and this is the second time this year his gastropub-ish restaurant has been sued, a representative for the chef’s restaurant group asserts this one is different. “We are aware there was a problem with previous management which has since been changed,” the spokesperson tells Radar, “but this is totally unacceptable if any truth to it.” [Radar, Earlier, Related]