Here’s the Biggest Halibut Pretty Much Anyone Has Ever Seen

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Crabshakk head chef David Scott pictured alongside a large Halibut) -  Right time, right plaice? No this is in fact a halibut - and it weighs in at whopping 11 stone. Tipping the scales at 70kg, this rare halibut was line-caught in the deep waters of the North Sea near Shetland, Scotland. Crabhakk restaurant in Glasgows west end received the giant fish, and head chef David Scott will turn the massive halibut into fillets, scampi and curry. It will take an entire team to fillet the human-sized beast, which cost the restaurant a staggering ?950. SEE CATERS COPY.
The one in the front is going to be used in scampi and curry and cut into fillets. Photo: Caters News Agency Ltd

It took three cooks to fillet this giant halibut, which was line-caught by commercial fisherman in the North Sea near Shetland. Harry was pushing 50 years old and weighed in, pre-fillet, at 70 kilograms. That's 154 pounds. He was sold to Crabshakk restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, for £950 (or $1,490). He yielded 300 portions that will be served as fillets and scampi and put into curries. The Daily Mail may be calling him a "freak," but those who knew him underwater say he was anything but. [Daily Mail, Herald Scotland]