Foam-Container Supporters Exist, Stage Intrepid Rally at City Hall

Is this your enemy?

New York City councilman Lewis Fidler's proposed ban on foam takeout containers has been around awhile and was even championed in Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City address in February, but a foam-container advocacy group has nonetheless just popped up to thwart the incoming rule. They have a spiffy website ("Think you know foam? Click here to get the REAL facts.") and everything, and several protesters took to the steps of City Hall this afternoon in protest. Foam advocates say the ban will eliminate 1,500 jobs and hurt countless bodega owners who'll be forced to find other kinds of containers to put food in. Fidler, along with millions of other people, doesn't bear any grudges, really, and argues that foam containers are "virtually impossible to recycle" So there's that. [AP]