Dunkin’ Donuts Introducing Gluten-Free Doughnuts This Year

You still have to watch out for the half-eaten ones, though.

In a somewhat surprising move, Dunkin' Donuts chief executive chef Stan Frankenthaler announced plans to roll out a gluten-free cinnamon-sugar doughnut and gluten-free blueberry muffins at stores across the country this year, Bloomberg reports. Frankenthaler confirmed that the no-gluten products will be "packaged separately" to avoid contact with gluten, which is pretty much everywhere else inside Dunkin' Donuts stores, so while those with celiac disease will not be able to eat these things, those with mild sensitivities will soon be returning to the chain's stores and will be able to witness Strawberry Coolatta meltdowns and innovative coffee-pot self-defense strategies in all their zany splendor. [Bloomberg, Related]