Little Debbie Says Drake’s Cakes May Return by ‘Early Fall’

We want the duck.
We want the duck. Photo: Drake's

If you’re like us, you’ve been missing Yodels, Devil Dogs, Funny Bones, Coffee Cakes, and Ring Dings like crazy, to say nothing of Sunny Doodles. Well, along with the news that Twinkies will be back in everyone’s lives on July 15, a McKee Foods spokesman is now telling the AP that Drake’s Cakes will also be back in no time at all, in the “late summer” or “early fall.” The news is that the revived line of snack cakes will be made “exactly to the recipes” the corporation received when they bought the former Hostess brand for a reported $27.5 million in January, but the real question is what the packaging will look like. McKee owns the ever-youthful Little Debbie brand, after all, and Drake’s famous duck-chef mascot has been MIA since last fall: Maybe Debbie and the duck could team up for a new, co-branded snack cake? [AP, Earlier, Earlier]