Cronut Knockoffs Now Include ‘Kronut Krullers’ in Miami Beach

So-called Kronut Krullers at Red the Steakhouse.
So-called Kronut Krullers at Red the Steakhouse. Photo: Courtesy of Kara Rosner/Twitter

Seriously, right now must be the worst time ever to be a pastry chef in America. Bosses everywhere must be all like, “Hey, that cocoa-nib tuile thing you’re doing with the huckleberry is cool, but maybe you could cook up some cronuts tonight and put them on the menu?”* Anyhow, there are two new additions to the copycat-cronut files today: the $4 “Croissant Donut” at various Gregory’s locations in New York City, according to Midtown Lunch, and also the brazen “Kronut Krullers” debuting tonight at both locations of Red, the Steakhouse in Florida.

A plate of three, Short Order reports, costs $10 and includes a “classic,” a powdered sugar version, and a “dark-rum creme-filled” variety that has a “brown-butter maple glaze.”

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*If this describes you, drop us a note and let us know all about it.