Bustling Cronut Business Spawns Copycat ‘Doissant’ Industry

Rise of the doissant.
Rise of the doissant. Photo: Courtesy Chocolate Crust/Facebook

Dominique Ansel’s cronuts may be trademarked, but that hasn’t stopped the inevitable wave of copycat “doissants” from popping out of over the world. Eater’s Raphael Brion noticed them in D.C., where they’re filled with hazelnut cream and pistachio-topped; they’re also in Indianapolis, where they go for $2 a pop. There are copycats in Australia and in Los Angeles. (Pillsbury gets an honorable mention just for being up on current events.) Are any of these knockoffs as good as the original? Whatever; every Transformers will have its Transmorphers. Let us know when doissant holes go on sale. [Earlier]