Coca-Cola Introduces Dazzling Bottle Made Entirely of Ice


If this peppy ad is any indication, all sorts of svelte beachgoers in Colombia are at this very moment having the time of their lives with Coke’s new botella de hielo, a soda bottle made of ice. It’s sort of innovative: With the exception of a snap bracelet-esque label, its packaging melts away after you’ve finished your soda, so basically, this marketing gimmick gets an extra boost by claiming to be “ecofriendly.” But should it?

The answer is no, not really, because the bottles made entirely ice aren’t at all cost effective to produce. They’re not scalable, especially in warmer areas of the world, and the soda inside them is still Coca-Cola. If these bottles were filled with water, and still had the soda company’s branding on them, would it still be as effective as a marketing gimmick? Probably. The takeaway is that ice-cold Coke is refreshing, however, and it’s always been very hard to argue with that.

Now Coca-Cola’s Made A Bottle Of Ice. Ice, Baby! [Fast Company via BA Daily]