Chez Panisse Reopens Today

The restaurant, prefire.
The restaurant, prefire. Photo: Facebook

Three and a half months after an electrical fire damaged Alice Waters’s Berkeley restaurant, it’s resuming service. David Prior, the restaurant’s former spokesperson, wrote a first-person account of the recovery for Bon Appétit. “In the days that followed the accident, the entire community went into overdrive to hastily breathe life back into Chez Panisse,” he recalls. “Restaurant cousins cooked meals for the crew, offers of help came from alumni across the globe, and a CSA was organized so that the farmers would still have a market for their produce. Two local 9 year-old girls even presented Alice with a $37 check — the profits from their lemonade stand (Meyer lemon, naturally).” Although the sentimental wisteria is no longer covering the restaurant, the vine is “recuperating amongst the vegetables.” Welcome back. [Earlier, Bon Appétit]