Charlie Trotter’s Can Be Yours for the Low, Low Price of $3.8 Million

(Trotter not included.)
(Trotter not included.) Photo: Huge Galdones

Eater Chicago has the tantalizing news that one lucky buyer may soon own everything that remains of Charlie Trotter’s now-closed Chicago restaurant. Yes, the legendary chef signed off last August amid a flurry of profiles and a $2,500-per-person blowout dinner. Yes, the chef already tried to dispense with fine china and knick-knacks, and yes, the restaurant’s top-notch wine cellar is gone (though some fell off the back of truck). After several setbacks, seemingly everything was sold. What could possibly be left? The restaurant itself, it turns out, including refrigeration, carpet and drapes, state-of-the-art exhaust fans, banquettes, and Trotter’s office. Buy the building, Eater reports, and they’ll throw in the house next door. [Eater Chicago, Earlier, Earlier, Earlier]