Historic New Orleans Restaurant Brennan’s Is Closed

Is this the end of Brennan's? Or just another hot mess?
Is this the end of Brennan's? Or just another hot mess? Photo: Courtesy of Brennan's

The latest chapter in the ongoing family struggle for control of 60-year-old New Orleans institution Brennan’s has closed the restaurant, the Times-Picayune reports, leaving its future uncertain. Owen “Pip” Brennan Jr. took control of the restaurant from his brother Theodore “Ted” Brennan and Ted’s daughter, Bridget Brennan Tyrrell, on June 10 after shareholders approved the ouster. Yesterday, Orleans Parish sheriff deputies evicted Pip and the current management on behalf of a corporate entity called Leggo / 4; the mortgage holder bought Brennan’s at a sheriff’s sale last month. Confused yet? This morning, it was revealed that a cousin, Ralph Brennan, is a partner in Leggo / 4, demonstrating that the family history of acrimony is alive and well. “Let’s hope it’s not permanent,” says former manager Tyrrell, who must be dead-tired of all the bananas foster backstabbing. “Let’s hope the restaurant will stay open.” [Times-Picayune/NOLA.com via Helen Rosner/Twitter]