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Hester Street Fair at the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival; Push-Up Pops at Public Fare

• Monday, June 17, is the opening of the Hester Street Fair at HBO's Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Grab a blanket and head to the 5 p.m. lawn screening of Tootsie with lobster rolls from Luke's, Handsome Dan's cotton candy, and tacos from Oaxaca Taqueria. The series will run every Monday evening from 4 to 10 p.m. until August 19. [Grub Street]

Crown is launching a new summer happy-hour menu featuring dishes like lamb-shank fettuccine and spring-pea arancini, as well as a variety of wines and seasonal cocktails. All food and drink items are $10 Monday through Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. [Grub Street]

• Next Thursday, June 20, marks the reopening of Tenpenny at the Gotham Hotel. The new menu includes saffron crab cakes, mushroom-crusted halibut, and a signature burger trio: bison with foie gras, black Angus with lettuce and tomato, and braised oxtail with quail egg. [Grub Street]

• The outdoor café Public Fare (run by Danny Meyer) is returning to Delacorte Theater in Central Park just in time for this month's show, The Comedy of Errors. You can buy gourmet hot dogs, sandwiches made on Hot Bread Kitchen's ciabatta, Ciao Bella gelato, and homemade push-up pops. There's also happy hour on Fridays from 4 to 6 p.m with $3 draft beers and $5 wines by the glass. [Grub Street]

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Here’s an Adorable 4-Year-Old’s Take on State Bird Provisions

Following another pre-K kid's very thorough, facial-expression-based review of Mission Chinese Food, the Bold Italic takes another guest to State Bird Provisions in San Francisco. The good: Della's favorite food may be "candy," but she enjoyed the garlic bread and the fried asparagus, which she pinky-swears is delicious. Bad: The kid critic didn't seem to enjoy the charred octopus with chickpea-tomato salsa ("No! No. No. No."); also, the curried scallop with avocado and quinoa has "too many flavors." [Bold Italic, Earlier]

Bon App Gets Grilled on Twitter

"I have a damn master's degree that entailed actively setting fire to metal. Why in the universe are you gendering a cooking method?" — CNN Eatocracy’s Kat Kinsman isn't a fan of Bon Appétit's "Dudes Grilling Things." [Kat Kinsman/Twitter, Bon Appétit]

Cronut Knockoffs Now Include ‘Kronut Krullers’ in Miami Beach

So-called Kronut Krullers at Red the Steakhouse.

Seriously, right now must be the worst time ever to be a pastry chef in America. Bosses everywhere must be all like, "Hey, that cocoa-nib tuile thing you're doing with the huckleberry is cool, but maybe you could cook up some cronuts tonight and put them on the menu?"* Anyhow, there are two new additions to the copycat-cronut files today: the $4 "Croissant Donut" at various Gregory's locations in New York City, according to Midtown Lunch, and also the brazen "Kronut Krullers" debuting tonight at both locations of Red, the Steakhouse in Florida.

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That $600 Million Powerball Winner Maybe Bought 180 People Lunch

Powerball winner Gloria C. MacKenzie may or may not have just picked up the tab for 180 diners Sunday afternoon at a Southern-style buffet in Plant City, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Three guests, including an older woman, capped their meal off by offering to pay for everyone else in the BuddyFreddy's dining room. The bill totaled $2,600 after tax, and each server even got a $50 bonus, apparently. "Everybody got up and applauded and started hugging her," says Stephanie Reaves, the restaurant's manager. "In my 35 years in the restaurant industry, I've never seen anything like it." After brandishing the cash, the woman reportedly claimed she wasn't MacKenzie, the winner of the largest single jackpot in U.S. history. Then she and her companions disappeared down Interstate 4 in what eyewitnesses are describing as a enormous new hovercraft covered with solid platinum plates and pink faux-fur trim. [Tampa Bay Times]

Foam-Container Supporters Exist, Stage Intrepid Rally at City Hall

New York City councilman Lewis Fidler's proposed ban on foam takeout containers has been around awhile and was even championed in Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City address in February, but a foam-container advocacy group has nonetheless just popped up to thwart the incoming rule. They have a spiffy website ("Think you know foam? Click here to get the REAL facts.") and everything, and several protesters took to the steps of City Hall this afternoon in protest. Foam advocates say the ban will eliminate 1,500 jobs and hurt countless bodega owners who'll be forced to find other kinds of containers to put food in. Fidler, along with millions of other people, doesn't bear any grudges, really, and argues that foam containers are "virtually impossible to recycle" So there's that. [AP]

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Roberta’s Cookbook

It'll cost $35.Photo: Courtesy of Clarkson Potter

News of a Roberta's cookbook first broke in October of 2011, and two years later, it's finally going to hit shelves. Chef Carlo Mirarchi, writer Katherine Wheelock, and co-owners Brandon Hoy and Chris Parachini's book, which is being released on October 29, will include recipes for a whole lot more than pizza: It'll teach you how to make orecchiette with oxtail ragu, venison saddle, and sweet-tea gelato, as well as cocktails. Click here to take an early look at a PDF of a few of the pages. [Earlier]

Group of 40 Bronx Restaurant Owners Sue NYC Over Botched Restaurant Inspections

Bloomberg reports that 40 Bronx restaurant owners filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court today that alleges they received unjust treatment from fine-happy Health Department inspectors. The coalition of owners say they have been unable to keep up with an "arbitrary, capricious and malicious enforcement of the health code" and insist they are targeted by city employees who haven't even been properly trained. The group seeks $150 million in damages and a stay of all fines incurred through the inspections. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the city's Law department released a statement calling the suit a "rambling, scattershot attack on the city’s regulation of food service establishments" and promises it will be "quickly rejected by the courts.” [Bloomberg, Earlier]

Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Who Put Up With Coolatta Bigot Gets Some Recognition

That awesome Dunkin' Donuts clerk who patiently bore the brunt of a particularly hateful and expletive-filled customer rant will be recognized by the fast-food chain, somehow. Incensed that she hadn't been issued a receipt or something, the woman returned to the offensive franchise and recorded her epically depressing confrontation with the shop's employees. Then she uploaded it to the Internet, for some reason. The customer, who's since been identified, spends the duration of the eight-minute video demanding a Strawberry Coolatta and issuing racist insults at the store's staff. [Dunkin' Donuts/Twitter via Gawker, Earlier]

Live Fire: 16 New York Restaurants With Tricked-Out Grills

Blowfish and octopus over the fire at Uncle Boon's.Photo: Evan Sung

This is the season to set up a grill on your rooftop or in your yard, invite a big group of friends over, and spend all day and night firing up barbecue ribs, oysters, corn, and brown-sugar peaches. Sounds pretty perfect, right? But you live in New York, and that means your tiny, overpriced studio apartment doesn't include access to any kind of outdoor space. The good news is that plenty of restaurants around town can do the heavy-lifting for you this summer: Uncle Boon's is grilling blowfish tails, Backyard at the Pines is throwing all of its dishes onto a wood fire, and Takashi lets you grill your own tongue. Read on for a list of other crazy grill specials that will satisfy your life-fire cravings, straight ahead.

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Maine Lawmakers Push Hard for GMO Food Labels

No GMO Wheaties

Connecticut made an official vow to enact legislation requiring GMO labels last week, but with the stipulation that it wouldn't become law until four other states — including one that shares a border — passed similar laws. New York may be down for the count, but now Maine has stepped up to the plate with a bill of its own, and owing to strong bipartisan support, it went through the House Tuesday with a 141–4 vote. Now LD 718, which would require the words "Produced with Genetic Engineering" to appear on packaging, seems like it may happen. But there's a catch, of course.

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This Fall, Stephen Starr Finds Out How to Get to Carnegie Hall

The Philly-based restaurateur comes off as a master of rapid expansion in his New York Times profile today, and it seems like Stephen Starr is turning away from big-box venues like Buddakan in favor of small, personal chef- and celebrity-centric projects like Questlove's Chelsea Market fried-chicken stand Hybird and another based around ex-Momofuku chef de cuisine Peter Serpico's cooking. But it's really his practice with art and culture venues like Caffè Storico at the Historical Society, Serai at the Rubin Museum of Art, and now at the Botanical Gardens that's leading up to his next act: STARR Events will debut a new bar and overhauled version of the Citi Café at Carnegie Hall on October 2; in addition to all-new food and drink, the project will also include an events space. [NYT, Earlier, Earlier, Related]

Here’s a Video of Brad Pitt Trying Vegemite for the First Time

Behold a series of clichés: A world-famous movie star on a trip to promote his new movie sits on a boat with a crew of affable Australian morning-TV hosts, while a Men at Work song plays in the background and someone busts out a jar of Vegemite. The audience even giggles and claps enthusiastically when Brad refuses to wait for a slice of bread and instead just dips into the paste with his finger, sticks it in his mouth, then stares dreamily at the Sydney Opera House off in the distance.

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The Other Critics: Pete Wells Deems Montmarte ‘Most Improved’; Joshua David Stein Praises ABC Cocina

"The effect was transformative."

This week, Adam Platt awarded three stars to Alder, saying Wylie Dufresne's cooking "has a refreshingly seamless quality to it." He suggests ordering the clam chowder, fried quail, and root-beer pudding. Pearl & Ash, an "unassuming downtown restaurant that delivers more than it promises," received two stars from Platt. Meanwhile, Pete Wells revisited Montmarte, applauding "transformative" changes by Tien Ho, while Joshua David Stein filed on the product-placement perfection of ABC Cocina. Where did the other critics dine? Read on to find out.

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Joe Campanale Is Still Waiting on Some Dinner Guests

"Beyoncé, with Jay-Z. Oh my god, I want them to come to the restaurant so badly." —Dell'anima and L'Apicio partner Joe Campanale is monitoring the reservations line pretty intensely. [New Potato, Earlier]

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