Your Complete Guide To Chicago Craft Beer Week Guides


Everyone seems to have done a Chicago Craft Beer Week guide except us, which is okay, because there’s so much going on that it’s worth seeing what each one thinks is the coolest thing to check out in the next week of beerological drinkonomy. At the Reader, Julia Thiel urges you check out the high-alcohol beers of Founders at Northdown Taproom tonight at 5, The Art of Beer, an art show with beer on Saturday at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and South of 80 at The Green Lady, which highlights beer from St. Louis (no, not THAT one) and other parts beyond Chicago on Tuesday. Chicagoist narrows their list to 10, including a chance to meet one of those St. Louis brewers at Fischman Liquors on Saturday, a sour beer congress at The Beer Temple, and a One Trick Pony beer release with a 20s theme at the new Rock Island Public House in Blue island.

Kate Bernot at Redeye says to see Michigan’s Greenbush and Chicago’s Local Option as they take over the taps at Farmhouse on Monday, and finds the bargain event— $2 pints at Easy Bar, featuring Revolution, Bell, Founder’s and others. Josh Noel at The Trib sends you to the Solemn Oath event at Bangers & Lace on Saturday, and an evening Tuesday dedicated to brewers who learned the business while working for the Rock Bottom chain. It’s at Haymarket… whose brewer learned the business while working for the Rock Bottom chain. And the Time Out Chicago blog directs you to beer and food pairings like the Allagash Beer Brunch at Scofflaw.