World Nutella Day Lives On

February 5, 2014. Get ready.
February 5, 2014. Get ready. Photo: Nutella

Good news: There will still be a designated day during which you have an excuse to eat an obscene amount of Nutella, wear sexy Nutella clothing, and sing love songs about the spread. After threatening super-fan Sara Rosso, the creator of World Nutella Day, with a cease-and-desist letter, Ferrero has had a change of heart. The company sent a statement to Bloomberg Businessweek announcing that it will stop its attempt to shut down Rosso’s website, “The case arose from a routine brand defense procedure that was activated as a result of some misuse of the Nutella brand on the fan page. Ferrero is pleased to announce that today, after contacting Sara Rosso and finding together the appropriate solutions, it immediately stopped the previous action.” Rosso writes that Ferrero employees were “very gracious and supportive,” but it’s not a real victory unless she receives an unlimited supply of free Nutella. Girl deserves it. [Earlier, Bloomberg Businessweek]