Pranksters Target Brooklyn Bars

The Clintons and Lena Dunham go here.
The Clintons and Lena Dunham go here. Photo: Gavin Thomas

If you enjoy the experience of being placed on hold, you’ll probably love the measly trove of prank calls targeting a bunch of hapless workers at Brooklyn’s famed “hipster” bars and restaurants now playing at What’s the Vibe Like? An employee at Roberta’s is unsure when Beyoncé is coming to dinner and can’t confirm if the cast of Girls or the Clintons are there or not, for example. Wow, hilarious. It’s like a less funny version of the Jerky Boys narrowed in on that category of Williamsburg bars that actually serve jerky. The pranksters are anonymous, and their motives are still unclear, but hopefully all will be revealed sometime after that inevitable book deal happens and just before the speaking engagements at Urban Outfitters begin. [What’s the Vibe Like?
via NYO]