Introducing Vulcan Ale, the Greatest Star Trek Beer on the Market

Fascinating. Photo: Courtesy of Vulcan Ale/Facebook

A trio of intrepid Canadian Star Trek fans became friends over some cold brews and intergalactic scuttlebutt during last year’s festive Spock Days celebration in the Canadian Prairie. One thing led to another, and soon they’d decided it was high time for a Vulcan-themed beer. After some negotiations with copyright holder CBS/Paramount and a deal with DeLancey Direct, the first batches of Vulcan Ale are now reaching fans in British Columbia and Alberta for the first time, with wider distribution set for next year. It’s an Irish red ale, if that doesn’t seem too illogical: “We chose one we thought held the spirit of the show,” says Dr. Richard Weger, a Vulcan Ale co-founder (and a veterinarian). “We were all happy with it.” And if malt really isn’t your thing, the Star hears there’s a Star Trek wine in the works as well. [The Star, Vulcan Ale/Facebook via Eataku]