Watch Vice Stuff Lucha VaVoom With Burgers

Lucha Libre with The Sussmans
Lucha Libre with The Sussmans Photo: Vice

Vice, which repeatedly depicts L.A. as a town chock full o’ tools wearing sunglasses at night while driving a quarter-mile to their local Urban Taco Fabricator, comes back to the City of Angels for its new food series, the Eli and Max Sussman-starring “Truckers in the Wild.” Yeah, that’s right. The same publication that sends its boss to Taliban country, doses correspondents, and revels in a “gross jar” is now scraping the chassis of the who-gives-a-shit-anymore food truck trend for any possible edge and actually does a fair job with the task. This week, the brothers Sussman connect with El Burger Luchador, a San Pedro-based burger truck with a Lucha Libre theme that serves mutant, bacon-loaded burgers. After wrestling around with some sweaty, buff boys, the team takes the luchador-themed lonchero to the Mayan to lure some of the wrestlers from Lucha VaVoom out for a taste-test. Take a look to see what bravos like Dirty Sanchez and Lil’ Cholo think of the burgers in this video clip of “Truckers in the Wild” in “the undisputed worst place in the entire world.”