This Epic Monument to Popeyes Founder Al Copeland Probably Won’t Get Built

Al Copeland, with rally flag and speedboat, at center.
Al Copeland, with rally flag and speedboat, at center.Photo: Courtesy of The Times-Picayune/

Officials in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, are expected to vote tonight on the style and type of monument the family of the Popeyes chicken chain founder Al Copeland will get to build in Lafreniere Park. His heirs originally wanted to honor the late fried chicken baron, who died in 2008 at the age of 64, with the coliseum-baroque design above. Yes, that statue in the middle is a life-size Copeland, “holding a box of Popeyes fried chicken and a checkered racing flag, a speedboat at his feet.” Advisory board members have asked the family to consider a labyrinth, or some more subdued memorial plaques, instead. [Times Picayune/ via Gawker]