The Best Places To Eat in Chicago Are Settled Now. The End.

PQM is on it, of course.
PQM is on it, of course. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Only a fool would try to make a definitive list of where to eat in Chicago, and Thrillist editor Matt Lynch is apparently just the fool to try. He offers up twenty different best-of categories, and you know what? You should just go bookmark it now, because it’s a totally useful starting point to pass along to your next out of town visitors, middle-of-the-road enough that everything on it is plausible (Avec is his favorite restaurant!), just quirky enough to come from a person and not a committee (Al’s and Johnnie’s come in behind Mr. Beef). Do you have to agree with everything? Of course not; it’s the beginning, not the end, of any discussion, but it does that job pretty well. [Thrillist]