Watch This Katz’s Waiter Not Make Any New Friends on the Job


David Manheim, who also goes by the Last Jewish Waiter, really seems to hate his job at Katz’s Delicatessen, where he pushes the whole “everyone hates me” schtick pretty hard. (“They all think I’m some rich, privileged Jew,” he says of the unamused pastrami cutters and bus boys, who really just seem like they want him to pick up his orders before the meat gets cold.) It seems like he’s trying very hard and unsuccessfully to get fired, which is amusing, but the funniest parts in this video of Manheim waiting on tables happen when he delivers one-liners and sort of off-handed affable insults straight to his customers, the old New York rude table service routine that’s now all but extinct. “For example,” he says, “somebody might want to order a cheeseburger. I’ll say ‘no.’ The pastrami is the best thing in here. I might make them get the pastrami.”

The Last Jewish Waiter at Katz’s Deli [Jew and the Carrot/Forward]