The Franks Introduce the Res, an ‘Artist’s Residency for Chefs’ in Red Hook

The future of this restaurant is unwritten.
The future of this restaurant is unwritten. Photo: Hugh Merwin

Prime Meats and Frankies 457 restaurateurs Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli have been hinting for some time that their forthcoming Red Hook space, dubbed “the Res,” will be a departure from more conventional restaurant structures. (Earlier this month, Castronovo would only tell us it was a “long, long, long, long-term project.”) Eater reports the pair disclosed the first few details of the Res yesterday at the Mésamerica Festival in Mexico City, and they’re pretty exciting. The project, which will debut in a few weeks and already has a website, is a dedicated space for “collaborative dinners, one-off events, and installations,” where “chefs can stay at the facility while they present their work, free of charge.” Falcinelli and Castronovo say they were inspired by the prospect of creative chef-collectives and annual gatherings like René Redzepi’s MAD Symposium. [Eater, the Res, Earlier]