Surprise! Teens Either Don’t Know or Don’t Care How Many Calories Are in Fast Food

What'd you expect?
What'd you expect? Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

A new study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that people are largely unaware of the amount of calories in fast food — and teens are the most clueless. It’s not shocking news that high-school kids think they’re eating a 497-calorie meal when it’s actually 756, and that Subway is the most deceiving chain. But if caloric information is more readily available, will young people actually give a shit? Should they? Even if teens are aware that McDonald’s Egg-White McMuffin is 250 calories, that doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy (it’s got high-fructose corn syrup and tons of preservatives). Once they’re inside fast-food franchises, kids are going to go crazy regardless of calorie counts. The real issue is getting them to not go into these places at all. [Earlier, CBS]