Shaved Ice, Stinky Tofu, and Ba-Wan At The Taiwanese Heritage Festival, Sunday In Monterey Park

Stanky tofu
Stanky tofu Photo: Gary Soup/Flickr

The smell of fried, fermented, stinky tofu will be wafting through the air on Sunday, as Monterey Park holds its 15th Annual Taiwanese American Heritage Festival. Though the all-day festivities include such things as ho-lin lion dances, hand puppets, a beauty contest, and the raffling off of a Jeremy Lin-signed basketball, you’re really here for the snacks, which will include such stuffs as shaved ice, ba-wan, pork rice, peddler’s noodle, and griddle cakes ringing Barnes Memorial Park from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Entrance is free at 300 W. Newmark Ave.